Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Blue Orchids - Tab


  1. Brilliant job mate. I really appreciate the work you have put in here, thanks so much.
    One question, why does the tab state capo on the third, but in the vid you have it on the sixth fret?


  2. Hello, thanks! The reason the capo positions change are because I normal don't have my guitar tuned to standard tuning, I have my guitar tuned down a full step. So when I tune my guitar for whichever song of his I want to play I will need to put my capo higher up the frets. On my tabs I usually put the capo position to where you'd need to put it if you tuned down from standard tuning which most people will probably be doing. And on the video of me playing Blue Orchids I had my guitar tuned down even further, that's why the capo is on the 6th fret.

  3. Great cover. This song is one of my all time favourites, really phenomenal, especially the change of pace around 3:50 in your cover, love that part the best. I'm nowhere near skilled enough to play the guitar like this so couldn't follow your tabs, but, really enjoyed the cover. Thanks for sharing! :)

  4. Wow, i have heard other cover of this song but yours is pretty awesome dude..this is one of the new piece im learning to play atm

    - Ledz -
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  5. It's pretty close! The mid part i play a bit different but your way sounds good too. Took me a couple of hours of listening to it to get it perfect. Anyway one suggestion for making it distinctly better is the fast "intro and outro" of the mid part (and in the end) where you play 023-023-023-aso. I believe it should be 023-013-023-aso. Almost all tabs i've seen has got this wrong, but my ear didnt :) Thanks for the tab anyway it helped me a lot on the chorus and the verse! Fantastic song!