Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Alesund - Tab



  1. hey man, great job, your tab was very helpful for me to crack this song. i've spotted minor mistake at the end of the verse-part just before the bridge begins. there's no C# on 4th string (standard D-string) at the end but F# note played on the 5th fret of the last bass string (standard E string). i hope i'll play this song live sooner or later. thenks once again for your work.

    All the best

  2. Ian, absolutely wonderful job on making a video for what seemed like an
    impossible song for me to learn starting with just the tuning and all that follows in this beautiful song. Thank you so much for your hard work. You should have a tip jar on your page. Hell I'd contribute! Thanks again, man.

  3. LEGEND!! Thank you!

  4. Great work. Big thanks!

  5. brilliant, thought this would be completely unplayable but turns out i can just about play it with a couple of hours practice. will be playing this a lot, thank you!

  6. Awesome man, thanks a bunch. Glad someone on the net has spent time to publish these. I've tabbed up his new track 'You Missed My Heart' if you'd like a copy?

  7. Damn. I haven't watched ur videos in a year or so. Ur amazing still. Lance

  8. Thank you so much for this, I think it is one of those that it is impossible to work out but easy to play.

    Having said that, in the "verse" I can't work out the rhythm of the two open notes played on the top two strings. I cant get how to fit them in, nothing seems to sound right, and the tab is vague. I've watched a few videos on youtube but it doesn't help as it is too fast to hear the individual notes.

  9. OK I think I got that part down now, its quite tricky.

    I made two minor changes in red to page 2 of the tab:

    I think these changes make it easier to play. If you agree perhaps you could update the original tab.

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